Shalom! Peace be with you!

Pastor-kleinDear Visitor, you are welcome to the Free Evangelical International Church in Cologne Lindenthal.

We are a congregation of friendly and open people who have discovered the freedom and joy of following our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our leaders and members come from several African countries and from Germany.

We are families, parents, singles, seniors, teens and children who share the same faith.

We are an established church with about 20 years of history, building upon hospitality and faithfulness.
Central to our ministry is our strong Preaching, Praise and Worship

Please come to learn and worship with us:

• Sunday afternoon 1:30 p.m. Sunday Bible School
• Sunday afternoon 2:15 p.m. Church Service
• Friday evening 6:00 p.m. Prayer meeting at the church Venue

Welcome visitors and seekers. Greeting Sunday-afternoon visitors is not only hospitable, it can be life-changing.

Pastor Richard Burmeister-Adu