Church History

The church in history…….20yrs of glorious worship
Free Evangelical International Church: The coming into being

It all started as the Pastor completed his theological training and was posted to YMCA Cologne. In Cologne, he started to worship with the Free Evangelical Church in Cologne-Lindenthal. There he made known his intention of building up a place of worship for Africans. He was then introduced to Mrs. Sigrid Fischer, who was then married to me-Brother William, due to the fact that I was/am a fellow countryman of Pastor Richard, who thereafter contacted me with the intention of me introducing to him Pastor Richard Africans/Ghanaians in Cologne as he was new in Cologne.

Upon that I introduced him to Sister Victoria, who I believed would be interested in Church activities. The Pastor then visited the sister and made to her his intention of establishing a place of worship for foreigners in foreign country. The sister then called me to tell me that, if I’m not joining the plan of building a place of worship for Africans, I should ask the Pastor to forget about everything, upon which I joined and we then started worshipping at the premises of YMCA in Hansaring with a few Africans, whom we knew.

Later in the year 1995, we moved to the premises of FeG Cologne- Lindenthal with the help of Sister Birgit, a German sister, who supported us greatly during the start of the church. The church was inaugurated in the year 1996.

During this stage of the church history we tried to contact our target group-Africans, who were mostly Asylum seekers. We then visited a lot of Asylum homes in and around Cologne with the intention of bringing the message to these people, some whom have never heard the Name Jesus.

The small African Church was given the status of an Associate member of the Federation of Free Evangelical Churches in Germany a few months later. The church grew gradually in number and in the form of Member Nationality.

Due to the assistance of our German brothers and sisters in the persons of Brother Detlev and sister Birgit we reached the status of a fully- fledged member of the Federation of Free Evangelical Churches in Germany in the year 1999. Germans, who were/are friends of Africa or partners to Africans joined as well.

With a lot of ups- and downs we can now boast of an African International Church, with a membership of about 80 from various parts of the World like Germany, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Kenya, Togo, Liberia, just to mention a few.

The Lingua-Franca is English with translation, when the need arises.

Compilation by Pastor Richard Burmeister-Adu & Mr Williams Nketia