How it all started

Read how it all started:

The Church- Free Evanglical Internation Church, Cologne- Lindenthal

by Pastor Richard Burmeister- Adu

Introduction: I came to Germany in 1986. I was already a Christian at this time and knew that Jesus Christ wanted to have me do his work. I was adopted by a German family after a short time and my new mother made possible my 4-year theology education at the institution “Seminar Neues Leben” renamed “Theologisches Seminar Rheinland” in Wölmersen .

Startphase: In 1993, I had the impression that Jesus wanted me in Cologne after my Theological Program. At my arrival and after a few difficult start-ups which eventually brought me in contact with “CVJM Köln”, I began to assemble and to establish a sole African congregation with lots of active support and counsel from the Christians at the FeG Lindenthal. The ministry finally took-off in 1995. Special appreciation goes to FeG Lindenthal that have accommodated our about 95 members since 18 years in their facility as guest.
The believers in our African congregation come from different denominations. Nevertheless, after long consideration, my start-up team and I decided to align our doctrine with the “Bund der FeGn” which will later lead to us becoming the first Free Evangelical African Church in Germany. The admittance took place in September of 1999 in Essen.

Our Ministerial focal point: The guideline that has been laid upon our hearts from the beginning is the attempt to offer our African brothers and sisters a home in Germany, a home which sees their spiritual needs and a home that accepts them as Africans. On these grounds do we have extensive spiritual care and social work which includes; escort to municipal authority, Hospital visits, in Conflict, by Asylum and court processes and all others which also accrue from the German congregation.
The moving to Germany by Africans is at first a big cultural shock. We are relationship-oriented whereby cooperative society doesn’t have a priority. Germany is material-oriented and the people cooler. Additionally, Asylum applicants are not allowed to work and must live with relative uneasiness in a foreign world. We try to alleviate all these hardship.

Our alliance to other FeGn, the federation of evangelical free churches and the AG Christian churches in Cologne: Aside the personal friendship, especially to our brothers and sisters at the FeG Lindenthal, and also the friendship and helpful meetings under the pastoral cycle, occurred all the services which are also administered by FeGn. We frequently receive visitors from neighbouring churches, invitations to our celebrations or special programs and vice versa. Baptisms, street evangelism and all other associated deeds, aid companionship and are means by concerns and bridges are met.
I have been married to my wife Irene since the year 2000 and we have 3 children together namely; Kofi, Alwina and Hayley.

I warmly invite our brothers and sisters from the German church to visit us and to know us. A special opportunity to get acquainted is the celebration of the 20 years of existence of our church which will take place on the 3rd, 10th and 11th of May, 2014.